Curriculum Vitae

Mark Angus
Born 06.04.1949, Bath, England

1976 – 1978 Swansea School of Art, GB – Architectural stained glass
1968 – 1970 Bristol Polytechnic, GB – Chartered Surveyor
  Recent commissions

2020 St. Ursula Hospice, Niederalteich, D - Two stained glass sky light elements
2019 St. Mary's Church, Sheffield - West window, plus seven entry windows, one tower window
2017 Diocese Passau, D - wall-mounted glass crosses
2016 Shortlisted artist for St. Bartholomew's Parish Church, Simbach a. d. Isar, D - Scheme of 26 windows
2015 St. Ursula Hospice, Niederalteich, D, Scheme of wall-mounted glass paintings and acrylic paintings
2015 Shortlisted artist for the parish church in Nebersdorf, Burgenland, Austria - Scheme of five windows
2015 Shortlisted artist for St. Barbara, Spitzzicken, Burgenland, Austria - Scheme of four windows
2015 Design for St. Mary's Parish Church, Sheffield, GB - West window
2015 Design for Oakham School Chapel, Oakham, GB - Pair of aisle windows
2014 St. Fintan's Church, Raheen, Ireland, Scheme of seventeen windows
2013 Perth Baptist Church, Perth, GB - Scheme of three East windows 'The Trinity'
2011 Shortlisted artist for Hexam Abbey, GB - South Transept window
2011 Berkhampstead School, Berkhampstead, GB - New school chapel and refectory window
2010 St. Raymund, Breitenberg, D - Scheme of four East windows ‘The Easter Readings’
2010 Spinkhill Catholic School, Spinkhill GB - Wall installation ‘Mary with the Children’
2010 St. Jakobus Parish Church, Berg, D - Two choir windows ‘The Annunciation’
2010 Gisela Schools, Passau, D - Wall feature for meditation room
2009 Glass Hotel Zwiesel, D – Interior wall features
2009 Diocese of Passau, D – Crucifixes (wall design) Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum, Finsterau, D – Window ‘Madonna’
2008 Birth House Museum Pope Benedict XVI, Marktl, D – Window ‘The Star of the Sea - Ave Maris Stella’
2005 Oundle School Chapel, Oundle, GB – Four porch windows
2003 Glass Museum Frauenau, D - Epoch window on the theme of the Industrial Revolution
2002-2005 Glass Museum Frauenau, D – Planning concept for the new foyer (with G. Jo. Hruschka); advising and realisation of architectural installations in glass
2002 Trinity Church, Slough, GB – Three windows
2001 St. Austel, Cornwall, GB – Scheme of windows
2001 Kemble Church, GB – East window
2000-2005 Church of the Immaculate Conception, Spinkhill, GB – Cycle of nine windows on the theme ‘The Spiritual Journey’
2000-2004 Oundle School Chapel, Oundle, GB – Scheme of 36 windows
2000 Royal Grammar School, Worcester, GB – Staircase window
2000 Steyning, Sussex, GB - East window
2000 Pucklechurch, Bristol, GB – Aisle window
  Principal Commissions pre 2000

1999 St. Mary Tory, Bradford-on-Avon - East window
1999 St Johns, Hamstead Marshall - East window
1998 St Dunstans, Hereford - Aisle window.
1997 Eardisley Church, Hereford - Choir window
1996 St Johns, Cheddon Fitzpaine - Nave window
1995 United Reform Church, Slough - Complete scheme of windows
1995 Point West - Internal screen, commissioned by London Contemporary Arts
1995 Velo, Hampstead, London - Internal screen
1994 Three piece screen, commissioned by Kesteven District Council.
1994 Orchard School, Bristol - Window
1993 Central Church, Swindon - Chancel window
1992 Malden Parish Church - Battle of Malden Millennium window
1991 St Bartholomew’s, Sheffield - Complete scheme of windows
1991 Devon and Exeter Hospital - Windows in chapel
1990 Guildford Cathedral - Choir window
1989 St John the Baptist, Frome - Tower window
1988 Catholic Church St Austell, Cornwall - Complete scheme of windows
1988 Emmanuel church Islington, London - Complete scheme of windows
1987 St. John the Baptist, Welwyn Garden City - Window
1987 St. Marys, Finchley, London - Six windows
1987 St. Marylebone, London - Five windows
1987 United Reform Church, Southampton - East window
1986 All Saints, Islington, London - Peace window
1985 Parish Church, Freshford - Aisle window
1984 Durham Cathedral - Nave window
1983 St Marys, Claverton - Tower window
1982 New Church, Midsummer Norton - Four windows
1981 Cirencester Hospital, Cirencester – Internal screen
1980, 2001 St. Bartholomews, Bath – Scheme of windows
1979 St Dunstans, Keynsham - West window
1979 St Stevens, Bath - East window
  Public collections

2014, 2019 St. Ursula Hospice, Niederalteich, D
2008 Birth House Museum Pope Benedict XVI, Marktl, D – Window ‘The Star of the Sea’ – ‘Ave Maris Stella’
2008 Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum, Finsterau, D – Window ‘Madonna’
2006, 2009 Diocese of Passau, D
1997, 2000, 2003 Glass Museum Frauenau, D
1980, 2007 Ely Stained Glass Museum, GB
1979 Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  Exhibitions since 2000

2020 ‘Transparency Remains: Angus, Kastler, Zisler’, Graz Glass Painting Studio, A
2019 ‘The Journey’, Glasmuseum Frauenau, D (Solo exhibition)
2019 ‘The Journeyman’, Galerie am Museum - Eisch Atelier, Frauenau, D (Solo exhibition)
2018 ‘80 Capriccios and the Turbulences of the Self’ - ‘80 Capriccios und die Verstörungen des Selbst’, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz, A (Solo exhibition)
2016 ‘Uncertain – Ungewiss’, Kulturbrücke Fratres, A (Solo exhibition)
2016 ‘Antlitz der Barmherzigkeit’ (‘Face of Mercy’), Altötting, D
2015 ‘Glas - der Kuss aus Sand & Asche’ (‘Glass - the Kiss from Sand and Ash’), Jiří Trnka Galerie, Plzeň, CZ
2015 ‘Mark Angus im St. Ursula Hospiz’, Niederalteich, D (Solo exhibition)
2014 ‘Der Sprung - Malerei in Glas und auf Papier’ (‘The Spring - Painting in Glass and on Paper’), Galerie Kunsträume ... grenzenlos, Bayerisch Eisenstein, D (Accompanying exhibition to Marc Chagall)
2014 ‘MARTYRHA’, Gästehaus der Deutschen Bishofskonferenz, Bonn, D
2014 ‘Coburger Glaspreis 2014’, Veste Coburg, Coburg, D
2014 ‘Glasheimat Niederbayern’, Glasmuseum Frauenau, D
2013 ‘Glasheimat Niederbayern’, Glasmuseum Immenhausen, D
2013 ‘Jacob wrestling the Angel’, Stift Rein, Graz, A (Solo Exhibition)
2013 ‘Wrestling with Angels’, Galerie Geyling, Vienna, A (Solo exhibition)
2012 Mark Angus, The Graz Stained Glass Studio – Opening Exhibition, Graz, A
2012 ‘Und dahinter das Licht’, Leonhardi-Museum Aigen, D (Solo exhibition)
2012 Eisch-Atelier – Exhibition 2012, Frauenau, D
2011 ‘Flying Figures, Works on Glass and Paper’, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, GB (Solo exhibition)
2011 ‘Menschenskinder’, MuseumsQuartier Tirschenreuth, D
2010 ‘Man and Woman’, Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia
2010 ‘Engel – für Dich da’ (Angels), spectrumKIRCHE, Passau, D (Solo exhibition)
2010 ‘Glass Sculpture and Garden’, International Exhibition, Munster, D
2009 ‘HandwerksKunst’, Handwerkskammer Wiesbaden, D, with Derix Glass Studios
2009 ‘Same Difference… from Stourbridge to Frauenau to Corning’, Corning, USA
2009 ‘Il Volto di Christo nell’ arte contemporanea’, Museo Diocesano di Brescia - Associazione Arte e Spiritualitá di Brescia, Brescia, Italy
2008 ‘Andere Himmel. Bilder in Glas und auf Papier’ (‘Other Heavens. Pictures in Glass and on Paper’). Gallery of the City of Deggendorf, D (Solo exhibition)
2008 ‘Das Antlitz Christi in der zeitgenössischen Kunst’ (‘The Face of Christ in Contemporary Art’). Cathedral and Diocese Museum, Passau, D
2008 ‘Same Difference’, Eisch Atelier, Frauenau, D
2007 ‘Faces Reappearing’, Ely Stained Glass Museum, Ely, GB (Solo Exhibition)
2007 ‘New Faces’, Church St. Jacob, Prachatice, Czech Republic (Solo Exhibition)
2007 ‘The Heart of Glass’, London Glass, London (with Erwin Eisch)
2006 ‘Collaborations 1’, Invited international Artist, Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge
2006 ‘Verzogene Engel’, Galerie am Museum, Frauenau (Solo Exhibition)
2006 ‘Companions’, City of Prachatice, Galerie Dolní brána Prachatice, Czech Republic (with Barbara Zehner)
2006 ‘50 Künstler – 50 Vasen’, Glashütte Eisch, Frauenau / Glass Museum, Frauenau / Glass Museum, Rheinbach / Westfalian Museum of Industry – Glashütte Gernheim (exhibition curator)
2006 7 European Masters in Glass, Glass Museum, Frauenau
2005 ‘Arche’, Glass Museum, Frauenau
2005 ‘Faces’, Glass Museum, Frauenau
2004, 2006 Immenhäuser Glaspreis, Glass Museum, Immenhausen
2004 ‘From Adam to Jesus’, ‘SpectrumKirche’, Exerzitienhaus Passau (Solo Exhibition)
2003 ‘Garden – Law – Passion’, Regensburg (Solo Exhibition)
2001 ‘The Colour of Light’, Derix, Pfarrkirchen
2001 ‘The Colours of Order’, Galerie am Museum, Frauenau (Solo Exhibition).
2001 ‘Drei Glaskünstler’, Stadt Vilshofen

2020-2021 Bild-Werk Frauenau, D, Tutor for six-months start-up training, EU project ‘Glass Works. Training - Networking - Taking Roots’
2020 Bild-Werk Frauenau, Frauenau, D, course: ‘Printmaking: Paper, Image, Letterpress’
2017 Bild-Werk Frauenau, Frauenau, D
2016 Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina, USA
2016 Master Class, Sunderland University, GB
2015 Estonian Academy of Arts, Glass Department, Tallinn, Estonia, with Mare Saare
2010 Bild-Werk Frauenau, Germany, Interdisciplinary course together with Kevin Petrie
2010 Penland School of Arts and Crafts, North Carolina, USA
2010 Estonian Academy of Arts, Glass Department, Tallinn, Estonia, with Mare Saare
2010 Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA
2007 Master Class, Estonian Academy of Arts, Glass Department, Tallinn, Estonia
2006 Master class, International Glass Centre, Dudley, GB
2003, 2006 Penland School of Crafts, USA
1997 – present Bild-Werk Frauenau, Germany
1996 – 1999 Glass master classes with Ursula Huth and Helga Reay-Young, Bath, GB
1980 – 1999 Stained Glass department, School of Art and Design, Bristol
1980 – present Visiting lecturer to many Colleges including the Royal College of Art London

2018 Mark Angus: 80 Capriccios and the Turbulences of the Self / 80 Capriccios und die Verstörungen des Selbst. Ed. Katharina Eisch-Angus. Weitra: Bibliothek der Provinz. Bilingual edition with 80 colour panels.
2017 Katharina Eisch-Angus: Mark Angus. World and Subject in Glass (author's edition)
2016 Caroline Swash: The 100 Best Stained Glass Sites in London. Malvern Arts Press
2016 Antlitz der Barmherzigkeit. Exhibition Catalogue, Altötting, eds. Bischof Dr. Stefan Ostler and Dr. Bernhard Kirchgessner.
2016 Sr. Conrada Aigner: Exerzitien im Alltag: Jesus und ich: < hören < sehen < lieben. Passau
2015 Christina Hackl: Drei Künstler und ihre Weihnachtsgeschichte. Der Bayerwald-Bote, 24.12.2015
2014 Mark Angus: Juvenescence. Art book (Blurb book on demand)
2014 Mark Angus: For those Persons: Balms, tinctures, ointments, teas, salves, compresses, inhalations. Art book (Blurb book on demand)
2014 Mark Angus: RED. Art book (Blurb book on demand)
2014 Edith Rabenstein: Ich muss die Hand am Glas haben (‘I must have my hand at the glass’). Passauer Neue Presse, 24.12.2014
2011 Milly Frances and Ines Kohl: Mark Angus. In: Glashaus / Glasshouse (Juli 2011)
2011 Ines Kohl: Eine Bilderzählung in mystischem Blau (A Pictorial Narrative in Mystic Blue). In: Schöner Bayerischer Wald 4, 2011
2009 Ines Kohl: Portrait des Glaskünstlers Mark Angus (‘A Portrait of the Glass Artist Mark Angus’), in: Lichtung 22 (2009) 4, 10-12
2009 Bernhard Kirchgessner (ed.): Dich zu schützen, dir zu nützen - Engelflorilegien des Hl. Bernhard von Clairvaux und Glasbilder von Mark Angus (‘For your shelter, for your use. Angel Florilegia of St. Bernhard of Clairvaux and Glass Paintings of Mark Angus’), Passau: Dietmar Klinger Verlag
2008 Mark Angus: Between Heavens, Passau: Dietmar Klinger Verlag
2008 Katharina Eisch: Die spirituelle Reise – ein Fensterzyklus von Mark Angus. Neue kirchliche Glasmalerei im britisch-deutschen Spannungsfeld (‘The Spiritual Journey – a Window Scheme of Stained Glass Windows by Mark Angus’), in: Das Münster. Zeitschrift für christliche Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft 61,1, 55-59 (English translation on
2007 KünstlerSeelsorge Passau, Dr. Bernhard Kirchgessner (eds.): Glas und Kirche. Dokumentation des forumKUNST in ‘Tom’s Hall’ am 6. Oktober 2006 in Frauenau, Passau (‘Glass and Church’, edited by the Diocese of Passau, Germany). Passau. Contains an essay by Mark Angus
2007 ‘Reflecting on the spiritual quality of light’. Religious Education Today.
2006 Kate Baden Fuller: Contemporary Stained Glass Artists, A & C Black
1984 Working in Crafts, ed. by the Crafts Council, London
1984 Mark Angus: Modern Stained Glass in British Churches, Mowbrays
1984 Peter Townsend: Art within reach, Thames and Hudson
1983 Edwin Mullins: The Arts of Britain, Phaidon Press
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