Commissioning a Window from Mark Angus

Mark Angus has 30 years of experience of architectural commissions and welcomes commissions for windows, both from churches, private homes, and commercial buildings. Most of the projects undertaken by Mark Angus are designed, made and installed by himself. Occasionally a project will be of larger scale or complexity and involve the execution by a contractor working closely with the artist.

The commissioning process can proceed in many ways. Although a site visit is usually essential it is not always necessary or possible. However a good understanding of the function of the room and the visual importance of the window, as well as the size and availability of natural light will all be essential before the design work can commence.

Clients sometimes have very precise ideas for the theme of the new window. But this does not have to be the case, and Mark Angus is very experienced in the dialogue with his clients to develop a theme. Taking time to be clear about a theme is very important and will be very much to the benefit of the eventual outcome. The design time for a large church window may last as long as several months.

Mark Angus in Studio
Mark Angus in Studio
The design process can also take many forms. For example the design may start as quick sketches to be discussed with the client and developed or rejected as the process moves forward. The end product must be a scale design in an appropriate medium that the artist and client are both completely happy with and understand, and which will allow for further development as the full size drawings are made, and as the actual glass is worked upon.

Frequent contact between artist and client is essential, and discussion of the proposed design on site together with sample glass is recommended.

Mark Angus always gives a fixed quotation of the cost of the new windows he makes. Once the client and all other consent bodies have approved the design the process of making commences. This will start with the purchase of all the necessary glass of the right quality. An advance of one third of the contract is usually paid with the placing of the order. The balance is due upon satisfactory completion.

If you have any questions about commissioning a window please contact Mark Angus.

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