Since 1978 Mark Angus has gained his reputation in Britain and Europe for his expressive stained glass art, and especially in architecture, with windows for churches and cathedrals as well as for other public and private spaces. Important examples include complete schemes for Oundle School, Spinkhill Parish Church, Berkhampstead School, and Perth Baptist Church (all UK), and St. Raymund Parish Church in Breitenberg near Passau (Germany), and windows for the cathedrals of Durham and Guildford (UK). More recently comprehensive schemes for St. Fintan’s Church, Raheen (Ireland), St. Mary’s Church, Sheffield (UK), and for St. Ursula’s Hospice, Niederalteich (Germany).

Whilst retaining an interest in church stained glass, and in glass painting generally, present interests move towards acrylic painting, and printmaking, especially vitreography, together with artist’s books. Vitreography is a technique where prints are created from glass sheets, resulting in images of great light and subtlety. Predominant in Mark Angus’ imaginative narratives are the figure, dialogue and interaction, and the human self in space. Combined with letterpress Mark Angus is working on making unique artist’s books and prints.

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