Mark Angus’s expressive painting with glass and coloured light moves in and out of architecture, and of the inner and outer space: from architectural windows to interior glass designs and objects, and to freestanding sculptures. Mark Angus’s work searches for the questions and significances of our time, whilst opening the view towards the unknown and ambivalent.

For these reasons he feels closest to working for churches, with their multitude and depth of cultural contents. The traditions of the stained glass artists of the past, who created spiritual spaces through light and meaning and through narrative images, is carried on by Mark Angus in his own, modern way. Between abstraction and figurative depictions his windows challenge interpretation without abandoning mystery, wonder and awe. Returning narratives include journeys, transformation, and the transitions and border areas of human life.

Mark Angus works in Great Britain, Germany and Austria. He develops his designs in dialogue with his clients, with parishes and users of buildings and spaces. He works in his own workshop with mouth blown flashed glass, leaded or laminated as required, and uses the expressive potentials of acid etching, glass painting, and silver staining, to realise his ideas in glass. Larger projects are executed in collaboration with specialised companies.

Since 1978 Mark Angus has created more than 300 windows for churches and cathedrals as well as for other public and private spaces. Important examples include complete schemes from recent years for Oundle School, Spinkhill Parish Church, Berkhampstead School, and Perth Baptist church (all UK), and Breitenberg Parish Church in Germany, and substantial window commissions for the cathedrals of Durham and Guildford (UK).

Present work interests includes exhibition panels and paintings, painted glass vases and blown forms, figurative glass wall lamps, and water cut glass figures. Predominant are the human figure, dialogue and interaction, and the human self in space.
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