This is the term given to prints created from a glass sheet. Vitreography prints are intaglio (from the Italian for “below the surface”) because the glass surface is scratched, etched and abraded and inked in such a way that the glass surface remains clean whilst the ink is held in all the surface marks, and which via high pressure through a press is transferred to
dampened quality paper. The glass used must be both thick and even: typically 10mm float glass. Prints made in this process are characterised by a soft light colouration, with a distinctive embossed frame.


Letterpress is the oldest form of printing whereby lead letters were arranged on a frame,
rolled with ink and then pressed using a press onto the paper. The letters come in many different font sizes and weights, widths and italics, and are used with many spacers as required.

Book Binding:

The method of creating a bound book, together with cover boards, using simple hand tools,
paper glue and needle and thread. My interest is in making an “Artists Book”, i.e. a book
made by an artist containing images and texts with an artistic intention.